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Now You Can Have A Military Grade Watch That Was Designed For Special Forces

Now You Can Have A Military Grade Watch That Was Designed For Special Forces For 56% Off!

M1000 Tactical Watch

$230 $95

Military grade watch designed for combat and survival scenarios. The U.S. Military has paid for the research and development of this technology. Now, it’s finally available to all American citizens, and you save all R&D costs that went towards the indestructible build and pay only for the reliable, long-lasting materials.

You'll Never See A Crack Or Scratch

✅ Quartz Movement Stays Accurate, No Matter What

Waterproof to 3ATM (30 meters deep)

Tactical Watch Built For Combat & Survival

✅ Easy To Read In Low Light Conditions

"I'm a huge fan of the M1000, it's almost identical to what we were given in Desert Storm. Regardless of whether I'm in operator mode, errands mode, or dad mode, this thing works for every scenario. I've got a buddies birthday coming up, I'll for sure be getting him one of these, it'll make a great gift."

Ben - Tier One Special Forces Operator

Functional, Comfortable, Durable, And Reliable

Designed For Spec Ops

Indestructible Build

High Visibility

Water Proof

Designed For Spec Ops

Indestructible Build

Water Proof

High Visibility

Designed For Spec Ops

Indestructible Build

Water Proof

High Visibility

It's Not Just Durable, It's Indestructible.

Military Grade Quality That's Built To Last


What Our Customers Have To Say

Nicholas V.
Phoenix, AZ

"The other day I went to the range with this on and I had people left and right asking where I got this bad boy from, seems like it's a great attention grabber! But this watch is both show and go, it's extremely durable, I work a job in construction and I wear it every day, not a single scratch or dent!"

Maria R.
Miami, FL

“Got this for my husband. Everyone always comments on it! I think he likes the attention more than the watch itself lol.”

Jay B.
Dallas, TX

“Even though it’s got that military look, it still works well with a suit. You just look like a real man instead of a guy who’s obsessed with fashion. LOL that’s my take anyway. Plus it’s indestructible. I dropped it out of my Jeep (don’t ask) and it still works fine. No scratches. I’m very happy with it.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Really Indestructible?

This watch can survive just about anything you throw at it, we say just about because we've never tried a nuclear explosion on it, that's a bit outside our budget.

Is The Band Adjustable?

Yes, this watch fits any size wrist.

Is There A Warranty?

Yes, we have a 1 year, 3 year, and lifetime warranty which you can choose from after check out.

Is This A Digital Or Analog Watch?

Both. You can set it to show the date digitally, and the time both analog and digital.

Where Do You Ship From?

We ship same day from California, so if you're on the West Coast, expect to have your watch in 1-2 days, if you're on the East Coast expect it within 3-5 days.

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