Due To My Active Outdoor Lifestyle I Ruined One Watch After Another, But Then I Found This One …

Looking for a super durable watch? Then you must read this!

Let me start by saying that I've always had an appreciation for nature and the wilderness. So, I spend a lot of time in the great outdoors enjoying a wide variety of activities. I guess there's just something majestic about the smell of fresh pine, the sound of a rolling stream, and an evening meal cooked over an open fire.

  • Durable All-Metal Construction
  • Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal Face
  • 5ATM Waterproof - 150 feet Underwater
  • Digital and Analog Display with Y121 Movement

Rated 4.5 based on 1,000 reviews

Milat J

"I see why soldiers in the armed forces love this watch. It can really take a pounding and stay looking like you just wrapped it around your wrist for the first time. I must admit that I’m truly impressed."

90% oFF

Designed to stand out. Built to last.

Plus, I make an excuse to get as far out into the sticks as possible because the extra distance from civilization makes me feel more at one with nature.

Sorry, City Slickers! If any of you happen to be reading this.

Anyways, what I'm about to share next is information that can be put to good use for just about anyone who comes across it.

Here's why …

If you, or someone you know, is living an active lifestyle then chances are you could probably use a good everyday watch. I'm talking about the kind that can withstand a serious beating and still give you a sense of pride when you wear it.

It took me a while to find a watch that was durable enough to survive the rugged backwoods terrain that I spend a lot of time enjoying. But I can confidently say that I've finally found the perfect solution.

Before I tell you the name of that watch and where you can get one, it probably makes sense for me to let you know about the exact type of physical activity that my watch has to endure. That way you won't have any second guesses in regard to the durability of this particular watch. It's tough as nails I tell you! Tough as nails!

But first things first …



Our products are designed to withstand any environment and any conditions. In the unlikely event it becomes damaged or defective, we will repair or replace your Tactline product - at no

I'm hard on watches, because I've destroyed a lot of the ones I liked over the years.

Lost one of my favorites to fishing. I bought the damn thing because it was supposed to be waterproof, and one would think that this type of watch could withstand an occasional dip into creek water. But a few slips in the water while fly fishing quickly debunked that theory.

The next watch to fall victim to the great outdoors?

I won't name any brands because I realize that my lifestyle isn't the norm. So, in most instances my expectations are probably a little out of touch with reality.

Anyways, my wife bought this one for me. She said that the manufacturer claimed it was shock resistant and perfect for indoor or outdoor use. After a few short months of hiking in the backwoods, the sports watch fell victim to a dead tree stump that I had to use for body leverage.

Kjigk H

"The other day I went to the range with this on and I had people left and right asking where I got this bad boy from, seems like it's a great attention grabber! But this watch is both show and go, it's extremely durable, I work a job in construction and I wear it every day, not a single scratch or dent!"

The M1000 Tactical Watch

The most recent watch before the one wrapped around my wrist now was supposed to be a Military-Grade tactical watch. Now I do stress "supposed to be " in this first scenario because I believe this useless thing was relying on slick Madison Avenue marketing tactics.

I came across it while browsing a Field and Stream magazine. I really liked the look of it so I vowed not to get it wet. But somehow … a day after the return window closed, I looked down to discover that the watch hands weren't moving. Never submerged it into water either. Yep, another worthless piece of crap. However, I was dogged and determined to find a watch that was worthy enough to adorn my wrist. That's when I stumbled across the super durable watch that I'm sporting now …

Isn't she a beauty?

I certainly think it's a special time piece, because it has everything that a true outdoorsman can ask for in a wrist watch.

I believe that it was designed by a top-line, military defense contractor and built to be virtually indestructible. In fact, the manufacturer claimed that you could run it over with a Hummer and still enjoy a working watch to wear on your wrist. Since I happen to own an H3 Hummer, I was eager to put their value proposition to the test.

When it arrived 3 weeks after placing the order, I told my wife to pull out her phone and start recording video. Low and behold, I threw that damn thing on the ground and what happened next completely shocked me …

Now you just saw it for yourself!

The M1000 is truly tough as nails!

It also survives my fly fishing trips and is worth every penny that I spent on it.

Right now, the manufacturer is running a great special on the M1000.

If I were you I'd take advantage of it right away.

Just use the link below.

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90% oFF

Rated 4.5 based on 1,000 reviews


The M1000 is engineered to withstand water, dust, impact, and scratches. No plastic or cheap parts here, everything is premium-grade.

Nicholas V.

"Replaces my apple watch because I need something I can rely on and wont die. This watch is both show and go too. Very durable and can also wear it out"

Maria R.

"Got this for my husband. Everyone always comments on it! I think he likes the attention more than the watch itself lol."

Jay B.

"Looks the same (if not better) then when I bought it and a massive discount compared to other designs. Other watches of this quality start at $400-500, so at $95 it's a no-brainer."

Piter J

"I see why soldiers in the armed forces love this watch. It can really take a pounding and stay looking like you just wrapped it around your wrist for the first time. I must admit that I’m truly impressed."

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